Models FAQ

What I expect when I schedule a model.

Please understand I want to shoot the model I scheduled and not someone else barely looking as the girl I suppose to get. This means that the model have to look as in the pictures I probably received previously. Her hair color, hair style weight, tattoos and looking (in general) can not be significantly different. In case the model will be significantly different than how she looks in the pictures I received, I will refuse to shoot her and any travel expense will be charged on the agency (or on the model if she is a freelancer performer)

I expect every model that arrives to my studio is at 100% good condition. This means she must have good manicure, pedicure and hairstyle. I do not accept bruises, scars, marks on the skin. If she wears extension on her hair, I expect her head to look clean and cured. I wont accept anymore models that arrive at my place with old and dirty extension and in poor conditions. I wont accept models that did not sleep for the previous 3 days or that are barely able to walk because they did not have a day off in weeks. I will refuse to shoot her and any travel expense will be charged on the agency (or on the model if she is a freelancer performer)


Sore ass because of previous shootings 

I expect that every model that arrives to my studio is 100% ready for anal sex. This means that if a girl struggle at the first position I will refuse to shoot her and any travel expense will be charged on the agency (or on the model is she is a freelancer performer). Models that are not in condition to perform because of sore ass due to previous shootings have to cancel the trip before to came at my place otherwise we both lose time


Intimate area

I do not shoot girls with bush and hairy pussy, I prefer shaved pussy. I allow well trimmed pussy with short hair. At most something like this: this is mandatory



I do not accept performer that abuse of pills or psychiatric drugs. It is insane to shoot a model hammered with Xanax or what ever she needs to feel good or feel high or feel what ever she needs to perform. I do not have time for hysterics, crying and ridiculous and unprofessional behavior. I personally believe that performer under psychiatric drugs should not be allowed to performer. This kind Behavior will bring me to cancel all the scenes planned and any travel expense will be charged on the agency (or on the model if she is a freelancer performer)


Social Network Activity

Any social network activity is welcome, but remember to tag me every time:

  • Twitter: @xfreaxx

What I recommend you is to connect your brain before to write anything stupid, offensive and inappropriate regarding other people. I do not care if you want to fight someone, but do not tag me and use material you shoot somewhere else than here at my place


My door is every time open

We are willing to do what is possible to do for make your scenes and your stay at our facility as more comfortable is possible, but you need to speak with us if you have any problem. You do not piss us off if you ask for something to change, what piss me really off is an agent complaining about something when the trip is finish, (instead than to have a model talking to me immediately) or a model talking bad about us after a trip, without to express her problem as soon as that happen. We shoot over 40 scenes /month, each month of the year and we do not really have the possibility to take care of models as we would do with our children. This mean, for example, that if you plane lands in Prague at 11:00 p.m. and you want to eat something you need to ask for it, otherwise our driver (that probably started to work at 6:30 a.m.) will simply bring you to your lodge. Complain with your agent that “WE let you” without food for one night is one of the more absurd complain I never heard. We work only with 18+ years old performers and we aspect you are able to take care of your needs (means: to ask if you need something, otherwise we assume you are fine)



I am not an ass and we are good people to work with, but we work a lot and we assume models are able to take care of ourselves alone. At now, 95% of models performing with us are very happy, but I would like to have also the other 5% more happy.

Assuming you are not a junkie and assuming you are healthy and in good shape, just follow the next points:

  • Be able to take care of yourself and ask if you need something.

  • Respect the space and needs of other people around you

  • Do not isolate yourself, hang out with people and have fun maybe just cooking a dinner together

  • Do not assume, but ask

  • Keep on eye on your phone, we text you if something in the schedule will change.

  • Respect us and the people around you. We are not here to serve you as we are not working for you, but you are working for us. Means for example that you can not pretend to have the driver for go to buy cigarette in the middle of the night because you slept all the day. Also, even if our area is very save, I would not suggest to a young girl to go around in the middle of the night alone.

  • Read This:, believe it may help