Medical Examination

Update on March 5, 2019

I want to clarify my politic about medical examination, it is different from anyone else in the industry because in the case of a “production hold” my daily loss is equal to about $900, so I do not want to be involved in any production hold anymore, I have enough to trow away money because of the incompetence and irresponsibility of others.

If you are a male performer that uses to work for me, your medical examination can not be older than 14 days. If you perform for other productions between my scenes and your partner has a medical examination not older than 5 days (performed in the clinic listed below), you do not need to make a new medical examination, otherwise you need to make a new medical examination every time you perform for another producer. Be honest on this matter because if I discovery that you cheat me, we will conclude our working relationship.

Female performers can not perform if the medical examination is older than 2 days at the day of shooting of the first scene and I do not want she perform with anyone else between the date of examination and the date of my shooting. If you shoot multiple scenes for me, without to perform for any other producer, the validity of your medical examination is 14 days. I can be maybe flexible on the gap between the day your medical examination is performed and the day of your first shooting.

Testing facility whitelisted:

  • Prevedig (Prague)

  • Interlab (Budapest)

  • C.E.T. (USA,

  • T.T.S.

When you visit Prevedig, Please be sure the medical examination will be performed also on “PCR HIV-1”!!!

We DO NOT ACCEPT medical exam. from any other clinics, period. All of this is in the interest of the performers only. If you want me to white-list another clinic, feel free to send me all the testing methods from your favorite testing service and I will evaluate. The clinic needs to be willing to cooperate by phone. It can be possible I will ask you to make a new text even if you have a test that is not expired.

It is understood that if you came in Prague and you turn positive to anything when you get tested in Prevedig, you will be responsible to refund any cost I already paid (airplane ticket, hotel etc.).