Giorgio's Bio

I started my career in the adult industry at the end of 2003, in Italy. I was a performer and I did the mess-tin like everyone else. I did not like to define myself a good actor, I like to define myself an actor that allows the user on the other side of the camera, watching the video, to see what is going on on the stage. I started to direct after 2 years, for some Italian company. In Italy the payout for a movie was not so good and the distributor required also very pretty and new girls every time. On the other side not a lot of new girls in Italy, I needed to find a solution.

On 2007 I moved to Russia in Saint Petersburg. I had been in Saint Petersburg 2 time the previous year, producing, directing and performing content for the DVD industry. The city has impressed me immediately, as well as the porn industry and its way of existing. In the following 5 years, starting with $10.000 I built my main website, and, a small network of anal sex focused websites. The business was going well and my content impressed several person including the current owner of (also owner of Some years after the content I published on my website has been released on DVD also and I got a couple of nomination even to the award in USA. On August 2012, because of some change in the regulation about pornography in Russian Federation, I decided to move in Czech Republic. The change has been traumatic for many reason, but it was a positive change, I needed it.

In Czech Republic I established my first company on the end of 2012 and I almost leaved the production of adult content (if you can say that, I’ve gone from 40 scenes a month, to just over a dozen) until the beginning of 2015, when I started to run a studio at PB was an hard challenge from the beginning, unlike what many people think, to make money on PB is not a easy task. For the first time I challenged the customer directly, not creating content for sell a monthly membership “all inclusive”, but selling each scene separately. I started to think differently, erasing my personal opinion and following numbers and statistic.

One of the biggest challenge was the organization of production. At the beginning I relied on Modeling Agencies, but I was not satisfy, actually it was a total nightmare. Not enough models, no support from the agencies in the “professional training” of the performers, etc. I needed to find a solution and fast.

On September 2015 Tarra White, the woman that later became my wife, incorporated in partnership with a Italian Friend. I financed part of the operation and we established few not common rules for the adult industry, the more controversial was that we decided do not provide models to any producer that uses his position, lying and altering reality, to induce a model not to work for some websites that he considers as a rival or for whom he has a personal grudge. We also decide do not to provide girls to what are called “private videos” because even if the model subscribes with the producer the correct paperwork, the content is not going to be released, so this is prostitution and we do not want to be involved. Our Italian friend decided to leave the company at the beginning of 2016 and now is owned by Tarra White only

August 2018, in the moment this website goes online, I’m releasing on 1 scene every day with a investment in content production (only between performers and agencies) of about $130.000 every month (of my money), which even with the support of the more reliable person I ever known in the adult industry (the owner of PB), is not bad for a former actor.