I am all the time looking for anal talents. I am looking for girls with high ambition, not models with the will to get money without committing.

Unlike what you can think of, the scenes I shoot for are pretty fast, we usually shoot 45 minutes of video in about one hour or so, add 20 minutes for few pictures. The sex needs to be explosive and I am well aware the more time we stuck with problems, the less explosive the video will be. Double part scenes are more challenging and I select which models to use cautiously.

I am not telling you that we do not have problems, we do have problem but very rarely, I am telling you that we are usually very good also to solve problems.

I mostly shoot DAP (Double Anal Penetration, two dicks in the ass), but I do not dislike to shoot simple Anal (one boy and one girl) and also DP (Double Penetration, one dick in the ass and one in the pussy) if it is part of a bigger picture. I am not committed to DAP for any personal reason different from a market sake. First, 15 years ago simple anal was already extreme, so was a DP 10 years ago, and now it is the time for DAP. Second, you have to count that you can find tons of Anal and DP on free tubes, legally uploaded from the content owner for marketing purpose. If now the challenge is on DAP, you can point the finger to owner of softer content scattered everywhere for free.

The first time I prefer to shoot scenes with DAP attempt, means for example a scene with one girls and four boys focused on DP. At about the half of the scene we will stop and you try to get a DAP. If you in are comfort and able to handle the action properly we will shoot 5-7 minutes of DAP, the rest of the scene will be focused on DP only. I will not be upset if you can not handle, you do not need to be worry about this, but I am confident most of the models can handle it. DAP is not a matter related to you only, succeed in a DAP attempt is a team work where your position and the actors’ technique even more important than you physical predisposition. Also we do this almost every day for the last decade.

For very new models I am happy to provide a “first time anal” and “first time dp” even if it does not give me any personal emotion to be the first one for who you perform such content, I just recently realized there is a interesting market for this. Clearly I am not interest to shoot any plain DP with a model that already have several scenes already legally uploaded on free tubes unless few exception that are for sure not a rule. I can pay almost the double of a normal payout for this, but I pretend your commitment (means, if you came to shoot your first anal, I aspect you stretched yourself properly in the previous week using some toys and do not land on the stage without to be prepared)

Special model of course are getting special treatment, means a lot of DAP scene (15-20 scene / year), higher payout that usual and of course my support on social and I aspect to receive equally. Such amount of scenes are reserved to my “Exclusive DAP Girls”, you can get more information message me on twitter: @xfreaxx