About Pornbox (AnalVids, Legalporno)

First of all, I do not own Pornbox and and I do not have any share of it.

Pornbox is a platform where studios can release content and get a revenue according to the sales. The contents listed in GiorgioGrandi.com are maybe listed also on Analvids and Legalporno for promotional purpose. Clearly the content are listed also in PornBox.com as PornBox.com handle the member area and payment.

Just for you to better understant: this is the same sytem used from Evil Angel. E.A. is the platform that handle the content from different directors (here we call them studios as each studio has more than one director). For example, if you shot a scene that is now listed on E.A. website, you did not work for E.A., but you worked for a director/producer that publish his content on E.A.

To be more clear: I am a independent entity that is shooting, producing content with absolute freedom.

I produce the content with my own money and I take the 100% risk, an algorithm decide how much is the value of the content and I get a cut out of it. This value can be lower than the production cost (it means I can lose money). Basically the audience decide how much the content is worth.
Pornbox is the only system where who decide the value of the content are the users with their single and direct purchases.

There is a limitation to the maximum value the algorithm generate for each single update I release. Clearly, if the production cost of the content is too close to this value (or higher), I have to split the scene in 2 parts. Math does not lie.

For me, the combination between “performers”, “niches”, “production cost” and “quality of action” makes the difference between a content that is profitable and a content that is a loss. As you can understand I shoot what would probably sell, I am absolutely not obsessed with anyone of the variables involved

At POrnbox the distance between 2 updates with the same female performer can not be less than 14 days. So you can understand that the more the audience appreciate a model, the more often a content with that model can be published.

My main goal was, is, and will be, to have a long term program with each female performer who gets nice welcomed from the audience, but is really up to me and to me only to decide how much often to release an update with her content, in total autonomy. If you are up to perform for any studio at PornBox or if you have been already performed, please contact me and you would maybe became one of my “Exclusive DAP Girls“, it means tens of thousands of dollars of work er year.